Win an iPad and Gift Cards in the FashionPlaytes Holiday Affiliate Sales Contest

Win an Apple iPad in the FashionPlaytes Affiliate Holiday Sales Contest! The FashionPlaytes Holiday Sales Contest will run from November 1st – December 25th, 2010. Anyone can win a prize that produces at least 1 sale. The more sales you produce, the more chance you have to win the iPad!

1st Prize: Apple iPad – One winner selected from the list of Producing Publishers during the contest period. The more sales you make, the more entries you get into the drawing. Anyone that produces a sale has a chance to win the iPad!
2nd Prize: $50 Visa Gift Cards
– 5 Top Producing Publishers – the top 5 producers will win a $50 Gift Card.
– 5 Most Improved Publishers – the top 5 most improved publishers, from October numbers, will win a $50 Gift Card.
– 5 Best New Publishers – the top 5 new publishers will win a $50 Gift Card.

Note: Not everyone that produces a sale will win in the contest. There is NO TRADEMARK BIDDING allowed for FashionPlaytes, fashion playtes or Thanks!

Anyone can win in the FashionPlaytes Holiday Sales Contest! Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

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