Why RSS Submission and RSS Subscribers are Still Hugely Important to Your Blog

So I was looking at one of my blogs and it had a HUGE subscribe to our RSS button on it and it got me thinking…RSS submission is still vitally important to your blog syndication. But I don’t think most people care much about it or take it seriously enough to leverage it properly, hence this post. Or they just don’t know enough about it to know how powerful it can be. I wanted to review a few ideas surrounding RSS and why you should submit your feed and syndicate your posts onto directories and into people’s readers. I’m definitely no expert on the subject, but I know a lot more than the average Internet Marketer, so I’ll take a stab at breaking it down.

1. Robin Good – this guy IS the guru of RSS and there is no one else that has been focusing on it as long and as well. Here is the definitive list of where to submit your RSS Feeds. It’s a daunting task to hand submit to all those directories, so hire someone to do it or delegate it, but it does get your site more exposure. However you need to do it, get it done, because it helps get your content syndicated and listed in RSS directories which people search through looking for different kinds of content. I have feeds that have hundreds of subscribers just from the directories, depends on the feed title, category, and content as to what types of people might subscribe potentially. But they definitely won’t find you if you aren’t listed. Kind of like the new search engine submission of years ago…

2. RSS Submit – here is a quicker way to submit your RSS feeds to numerous directories and sites, I have been using it for years. I think I have the paid versions..pretty cheap..totally worth it. You can resubmit feeds every so often and it stores all the feed info so you can re-submit. Also, they have a manual plug-in which takes you through and helps submit your info into the forms so you can get through the manual submissions quicker.

3. FeedBurner – Google owns this handy too to manage your RSS feeds. Google has put together a really nice page on RSS here. The point is to get a ton of subscribers that access your content through their “readers”…this tool keeps track of it all for you and has statistics. You can even monetize your RSS feed through FeedBurner and Google Adsense. Kind of fell out of vogue, was huge 4-5 years ago, but still a great tool you should use…I do.

4. Pushing it hard – See, people in general don’t use RSS readers that much, so you have to encourage them to use them. Definitely make sure to have a decent size RSS orange button on your site/blog. You can even have a page on your site all about how to use Feed Readers with your RSS feed! The more RSS subscribers you have the more your content will get pushed directly to them in their reader, which creates repeat traffic and loyalty. They have to use the readers of course. Readers have gained in popularity over the years, i don’t know the stats but I’m sure its in the millions of people using them.

These are but a few suggestions about RSS and why it’s important to submit your feed to the various RSS directories. The nice thing is, once you’re submitted for that feed to all of then, you’re done! No real need to resubmit. Yes it’s time consuming, so delegate it, outsource it, or just bust it out yourself! I know I’ve done my fair share of submissions, but there are companies that specialize in this, although I think it’s best handled in-house or with a very specific process to it. Let me know what your feelings are about RSS feeds! Also, make sure to promote your blog’s RSS feed and encourage people to subscribe…it will create more repeat traffic! Thanks for reading…let me know your thoughts…and have a great day!

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Evan is the CEO and Founder of Experience Advertising. He has more than 20 years experience and background with ecommerce website marketing. His skill sets include: search engine marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, conversion rate optimization, and other traffic driving and community building strategies.

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