Why Launching a Niche Affiliate Site is a Good Strategy

With so many affiliate programs out there to choose from, you might wonder where to start with affiliate marketing. I always suggest that affiliates and webmasters join up with Commission Junction and Linkshare and then apply to a bunch of programs. See who approves you, and then look at the performance (EPC) of the merchant to see how well their affiliate program performs. EPC is one of the most important indicators of how well an affiliate program performs, BUT it can be skewed up or down depending on how the program’s EPC is managed or not managed. There are really 2 different approached to affiliate marketing regarding maintaining websites or blogs. You can have one big coupon/discount site with 1000’s of product and merchant reviews. Or you can launch “niche” affiliate sites that focus on a particular topic that is related to an offer, product, or service depending on the nature of the affiliate program.

Rencently, we launched our affiliate site builder tool which allows affiliates to launch niche Word Press sites with the merchant’s affiliate banners already inserted into the layout. There are several custom designed layouts to choose from. Affiliates are also provide a username and password to login and manage their new site, by editing pages and adding content. All that needs to be purchased is a fresh .com from Godaddy, or where ever, and the nameservers edited to our servers. Once that’s done the site is live on the internet in under 10 minutes. I think it’s one of the fastest and easiest site builders I’ve ever seen online, so we are really pumped up about that. Already, several hundred sites and free subdomain sites have been launched. We are hosting all the sites for free on our servers, so that expense is removed for affiliates. We hope you try it out to build some niche affiliate sites.

Once your niche affiliate site launched it should be worked on and built out with articles and pages of content. Using original content is always a must. The search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN highly value unique articles and content. Try to make it as well-written as you can, this does matter, and you should publish as much good content/articles as you can on a daily basis. Write about what you think someone would want to read. The more often you publish content on your site, the more frequently search engine spiders come back to check for new content, and therefore the more traffic you can generate with multiple pages of content. Make sure you register all your domain names (.com’s) at the same registrar like Godaddy so you can keep them organized. Once you have launched a few sites you can work on managing them and growing them with more pages of content. Each site also comes equipt with an RSS feed which can be submitted to “RSS directories” that keep track of your new content. It’s also a way to get more traffic to your site. These sites, since the occupy their own domain name, can be used for Google and Yahoo pay-per-click marketing as well. We hope you are excited about 2009 and affiliate site building. This is a great strategy for generate organic or free traffic from the search engines. We look forward to working with you on any sites you may build with us. These niche sites can only be built for affiliate programs managed by Experience Advertising. We will soon be releasing a more general tool so stay tuned!

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