How Fresh Content Drives Search Results for Companies and Affiliate Marketers

If you don’t know by now that content rules the Internet, you been in a parellel universe for the last 5 years. Let me reiterate that content is the key to search engine rankings and therefore traffic. If you look at all the best sites that rank well in the search engines, especially Google, you will see some good quality sites with one thing in common: good content. Yes, there are many factors that go into the “algorythm” which determines how well you rank, but content seems to be the common thread running through it all. So how do you acheive good content and therefore rankings? First things first, you need a strategy and game plan for your SEO rehabilitation. Please don’t hire one of those SEO companies, UNLESS they are going to produce lots of unique articles on a frequent basis for your site.

Here is my strategy for on-site optimization…it’s not anything new or revolutionary, but just good old-fashion meta-tags and on-page content. Start at you homepage because this is your first impression to the search engines. You homepage or index page should be focused on what you are promoting, selling or advocating. Usually, you want your homepage to focus on the top searched for “keyword phrases” related to your site. For example if you are selling apples, you Title Tag might read: “Fresh, Organic Apples Straight from the Orchard.” It could be anything like that really…but you get my jist. I think the keyword and description meta-tags are also improtant. Make sure you again focus on the topic of the page with both. Using no more than 4 or 5 keywords and write a good description for that tag. Each page of your site should have unique meta-tags to truely be the most effective. Moving on to the on-page content, I think 1 or 2 paragraphs of highly focused content about what you do or sell is enough. When you branch out to your sub-pages, you can really open it up with the content on each page. Developing your on-page content, from your top level categories all the way down to your product pages, should have a good amount of popular phrase-oriented unique content running through them. Shoot…that’s my on-site SEO strategy in a nutshell, lets move on to frequency another important aspect of rankings.

Frequency of publishing new articles, blog posts and reviews on your website should be basically in hyper-drive to get the most out of it. The search engines absolutely love when you are adding daily, fresh content to your site. Sites that update numerous times a day encourage the search engine spiders to come back to your site check for new content and pages, possibly hundreds of times a day (Don’t quote me on that but it’s a lot!). Take advantage of RSS feeds and put them on your article categories and blogs. Submitting your RSS feeds to the many RSS directories is a great idea to let them know you exist and are publishing content. You can enable you site to automatically “ping” the RSS sites when you post something new, but some still require manual pings. You can pull multiple rankings for the same articles/posts by getting your content feed to RSS sites. This is a lot of the reason companies should have a person on staff managing their content production and article submissions. As an affiliate you are acting as a content manager and publisher for the merchants you are promoting. The same principles apply to both companies and affiliates when it comes to content production on the web. So bottom line I can stress the importance of frequency enough to getting well-liked by the search engines. Don’t slack now! Get out there and start optimizing!

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