Why eReleases Online Press Releases Should be Part of Your Monthly Online Marketing Strategy

In this day and age, most companies don’t have thousands of dollars to just throw at PR agencies, especially when the results aren’t guaranteed. One of the best ways to increase your exposure and PR is to do it yourself through what are known as online press releases. I am so impressed with the effectiveness of my own press releases when using ereleases.com I have been recommending it to just about everyone I speak to and work with for the last 1 and half. In my opinion, companies should be doing 1-5 online press releases per month to keep your PR and exposure up to a fever pitch. You can always find something news worthy going in your company such as: new product launches, new part of the website we designed, new hires, new divisions, etc. It’s not hard to come up with something press release worthy if you try hard enough. In fact, I feel so strongly about online press releases, I think they should be an integral part of your monthly online marketing strategy. If you’re not current using them you are seriously missing the boat.

One of the best aspects of doing releases is that it boosts your SEO rankings because you can hyperlink to your site within the press releases on your core keyword phrases. Over time, this can boost your organic rankings and help you saturate the search engines more than you currently are doing. You can also link to categories and sub-sections of your site and pump up those areas as well. The average releases goes out on several hundred quality news sites like Reuters, Yahoo News, and hundreds of local news sites with great rankings and longevity so the quality of the inbound links is great. From my experience, I find that not only do I get more business inquires and phone calls when dropping releases, my SEO rankings and traffic boosts. Also if you have a large amount of pages on your site, you can get more of your inner pages indexed and ranking higher with these inbound link increases. I consider it an integral component of a company’s SEO and PR strategy. Each release is $325 if you mention Experience Advertising, and cheaper if you buy packages of 10 releases. Many clients I have recommended using ereleases have had amazing inquires and articles written by magazine and publications. This can be your entire PR strategy, instead of paying a PR agent a bunch of money for unsure results.

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