What Would Jimi Hendrix Think About Guitar Hero?

I probably one of Jimi’s biggest fans, so I think I can comment on this. This is an interesting question because even Jimi said he didn’t want to be wrapped up and sold, but of course it was all part of the business of rock and roll and making money. Jimi said a lot of things for shock value and getting a reaction. He let his thoughts flow with his conversation much like he played the guitar, with a lot of thoughfulness and insight. I know this becuase I have listened to quite a few of his interviews. I think part of Jimi would think it was artificial to play a guitar game where your not really playing at all. But at the same time its getting more kids interested in music and instruments. I think Jimi would be pleased how many people are into music these days, but disappointed there isn’t more social commentary in popular music. I think it’s great that Jimi is in a video game. It brings more exposure to the music and the genius that was and is Jimi Hendrix. I need to try it out. It looks pretty cool, but plucking a toy guitar somehow seems silly. Not that I play guitar myself, but I do play purcussion and I can jam. So we’ll see how many kids get into guitars and bands and what kind of music comes from it. Should be interesting at the very least. I wish they would keep going for that 60s/70s sounds but thats just me. Thanks for reading this post, it’s a departure from my usual business oriented posts but fun none the less. 🙂

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