What is a Super Affiliate? How to Find Super-Affiliates

Super affiliates are classified as such if they are good producers for affiliate programs. There are many types of super affiliates out there including: seo affiliates, big website owners, ppc affiliates, and online coupon siteowners. Most super affiliates are able to direct good amounts of traffic toward merchant’s websites and produce sales and commissions. Everyone always asks me where are the super affiliates and how do you find super affiliates. The answer is: they are all around you! This may seem like a trivial response, but its really so true. Of course super affiliates are members of the big affiliate networks like CJ and Linkshare, but they are also members of smaller networks usually looking for niche offers that arent over-blown through search. I like to meet super-affiliates on webmaster and affiliate forums like Digital Point. Through interacting with webmasters on forums you can get to know them and then tell them you are an affiliate manager or own an affiliate program. They are usually very friendly and will join up if you go about it properly and non-obnoxiously. There are so many affiliate programs out there its tough for a super affiliate to decide where to focus energies at an particular moment. Usually they are planning about 3 months or more ahead of time for upcoming seasons like the holidays, Valentines Day or other holidays that cause consumers to spend money online. Super affiliates are also very good at following consumer trends and building out sites or blogs posts that address these trends with affiliate banners or links on the page. Recruiting super-affiliates is no easy task in the least. It takes a lot of hard work and persistance to win them over and get them to like you. If you are able to create a presence on forums by posting helpful comments to the community, potential super affililiates many times will reach out to you. These are but a few suggesons to find and recruit super-affiliates. It’s now up to you to go get them into your affiliate program yourself or hire a company like Experience Advertising to do it for you. Now go out and get into the webmaster community and recruit some supers!

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