What Does Ketchup and the Telephone Have in Common?

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Heinz Ketchup was invented in 1876, the same year Alexander Graham Bell made that first, historic phone call to his assistant Thomas Watson. Today, there are more than 4 billion mobile and 1.27 billion fixed-line phones in the world, making the telephone an integral feature in most homes and businesses. Phone.com’s extensive menu of phone management services is leading the way in the telecommunications industry with features that include: Call forwarding, call logos, call screening, global numbers, internet fax, IP phones, local numbers, mobile office, toll free numbers, vanity numbers and Voicemail Plus, which includes the very popular text voicemail and human assisted transcriptions. Phone.com recognizes that for businesses, a proficient office phone system is vital to connecting with potential and existing customers and is a necessary component in establishing a viable market identity. Phone.com surpasses the demands of growing businesses by anticipating their needs and providing superior service to help businesses thrive. For home use, Phone.com has merged business phone technology with the demands of busy families by offering a myriad of convenient phone management services such as a Virtual Number that allows a single number to reach every member of the family.


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