What Are Some of the Top Performing Affiliate Program Niches?


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There are actually many great performing affiliate program niches out there you can participate in. If you have an existing site, you can match up your site with a relavant affiliate program or 2 and strategically plug in banners and links to get people clicking through. In Commission Junction and other networks, for example, they post a performance average of each merchant called the EPC. EPC stands for affiliate earnings per hundred clicks. So for example if you are sending traffic to a merchants site, for every hundred clicks you send you should make a certian amount of commission, such as $20-50 depending on the conversion rate of your traffic and the merchant you’re sending the traffic to. Affiliate programs with higher EPCs will naturally attract more affiliates to those merchants because affiliates are looking at that EPC average when deciding who to promote first in a niche or by keyword, so it’s very important to maintain a good EPC average from a merchant perspective. But the EPC isn’t slways a true indication of how well a program performs due to the fact that there are better converting affiliates and less well converting affiliates sending traffic to the merchants, which skews the EPC quite a bit, depending how much “EPC management” is done to keep it higher. Managing the EPC number on the part of the affiliate manager should be a constant focus on improving the EPC over time and gaining more niche affiliates. So once you have found a good EPC merchant in your niche you can add their banners and links to your site, make posts or pages, then share the posts on your Facebook fan page and Twitter account. Rinse and repeat a thousand times and you have a nice amount of pages and content on your site and you can expect to be generating organic traffic from Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Using plugins to display your fan page widget and email newsletter sign-ups are a must to capitalizing on the traffic. You can even launch a forum or get people involved in your community to maximize the traffic. At the end of the day, you want to be generating as much traffic to you site as possible as well as capitalizing on the traffic through various strategies.

So when yo are looking at affiliate programs to promote there are several very common affiliate niches that have been good performers over the years. These include:
– Gift affiliate programs
– Dating offers and affiliate programs
– Surveys offers and affiliate programs
– Consumer electronics affiliate programs
– Jewelry affiliate programs
– Insurance lead offers
– Financial lead offers
– Parenting/babies offers and affiliate programs
– Sports-related affiliate programs
– Health-related affiliate programs
– Car/auto affiliate programs
– Flower affiliate programs
– Costume Affiliate Programs

These are but a few niches that have historically done well for affiliates, but all types of ecommerce sites have affiliate programs matching virtually any niche of website. More recently there has been an absolute explosion in affiliate programs and affiliate networks coming online. Affiliates have so many choices it’s really hard to figure out where to start. I usually suggest to brand-new affiliates that they join Commission Junction, Linkshare, Shareasale, Buy.at, and Google Network, then start applying to programs in your niche. Apply to hundreds of them and see who approves you. Some merchants maybe pickier than others about letting you into the program, but you can usually contact the affiliate manager to get them to let you into the program. But don’t let a few declined applications slow you down.

Once you have found an affiliate program you think you can do well with, you should contact the affiliate manager to obtain whatever intelligence you can from them about angles you should be trying and what has worked for affiliates historically. Be prepared to not get too far with some programs, as they might not have very advanced affiliate management and therefore can’t tell you the most effective ways to promote the program. Some can give you keyword files, unique content,  and coupon codes to increase conversions and help you build pages faster. You will find out fairly quickly after joining some affiliate programs, who has the support and who doesn’t. Don’t reply on the support of affiliate managers, just make it happen yourself, all you really need are their banners and links to get them integrated into your website. Join the website newsletters of the companies you are promoting and that will give you news and information to promote on your website. Also, setting up Google Alerts is a great way to stay on top of a niche or industry so you always have posting ideas.

Another strategy is building out niche websites focused on different products or services. Some affiliates will build large coupon or discount portals to capitalize on all the searching going on for coupon codes for various merchants. Building a niche site should focus around content and plenty of it. You can use WordPress to power your content management system and add functional plug-ins to the site. Trying social networking into your websites and your promotional strategy is a must.

If you would like a free affiliate site let us know, we actually build and host word press websites for affiliates for free. All you need is your own domain name and we take care of the rest! If you are looking to promote some of the top affiliate programs on the Internet, we manage several good ones across many niches. We give you affiliate tools and lots of intelligence to get off on the right foot and make some sales quickly. Contact us if you would like to work with our company on a one-to-one level. Thank for reading my article on some of the top performing affiliate niches, if you have any questions just let me know! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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