Top 8 SEO and Affiliate Marketing Blogs

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You really want to learn from other gurus who are already making money online and optimizing their websites in search engines if you want to do the same, without any doubt there are so many names which would come in your mind if one asks you about SEO and affiliate marketing top blogs on the internet. With that in mind, we have compiled a bunch of blogs which belongs to the most highly acclaimed bloggers. Take a look below:

1. Murray Newlands Affiliate Marketing Blog

Murray is a true heavy-weight in the industry. He is extremely proficient with his writing and is regarded as an expert in the industry.


This blog is owned by Darren Rowse who is very experienced in both SEO and affiliate marketing, he is also explaining others about how to make additional income using Adsense, Chitika etc. He is making a lot of money by using various online methods.


A blog owned by none other than John Chow himself. John Chow is the real deal in-terms of making money online, you will find multiple scenarios on his blog regarding SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing and more. He is also the founder of TTZ Media.


Zac Johnson is the founder of this blog and he is not very much renowned about SEO Marketing, but if you really want to learn a lot and a lot more regarding Affiliate and Pay Per Click Marketing then we would highly recommend Zac Johnson because, he genuinely explains his tactics and methods publicly.


Jim Karter is the owner of this blog. Although he is an Indian but he is really working up with is blog and he already have more than 1000 RSS and 250 E-Mail subscribers in a very short amount of time. Visit his blog to learn about how to make money online using Adsense, Text Links, Brokerage, WidgetBucks and more.


This is the official blog of Jim Kukral, who not only discusses about SEO, Affiliate Networks but he also discusses about Social Marketing, latest Social Bookmarking websites and a bag of other online goodies.


Matt Cutts is the owner of this blog and he is currently working with Google, if you really want to build up your SEO mind, then visit his blog daily where he discusses about how you can gain SEO traffic and what are the basic and hidden SEO tips which you are missing.


How can we forget our blog? We discuss about Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Pay Per Click Marketing and a lot more. We also do SEO Consultancy services which are simply unmatchable with others, visit our blog daily if you want the flavor of different marketing methods.

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