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Hey Affiliates and Publisher! We have some great new promotions from our client Raxco Software on the network!

If there is one product you should be promoting, it’s PerfectDisk.

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PerfectDisk Makes Everything Run Faster – And We Mean Everything*

Our #1 selling software is PerfectDisk and we’ve built our reputation on this leading PC performance optimization technology. Why is PerfectDisk so popular?

PerfectDisk keeps your PC optimized so you can:

– Access files and programs at the fastest speeds possible

– Cut computer boot-up time by up to 30%

– Edit documents and files faster than ever

– Prevent slowdowns from everyday computer usage

*Everything: Documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos, PC games, data-intensive programs and more!

PerfectDisk isn’t just a one-time fix. It keeps working every day you use your computer and the greatest part of all is it doesn’t sacrifice system speed in order to do its job. Plus, your computer’s hard drive isn’t the only thing PerfectDisk can optimize! Read on…

PerfectDisk Earned a Spectacular 5-Star Rating from the CNET Editors at

Optimize All Your Household PCs with PerfectDisk & Save BIG with HUGE Multi-User Discounts!

What PC users have to say about PerfectDisk:
“Hard to believe… here’s a product I installed a few years ago and has kept my drives defragged and running smoothly since without my intervention. What’s truly unbelievable is that since install it’s gone completely unnoticed, given me no trouble, and has really “just worked” to the extent I’d forgotten it was even there. Wow! Just wanted to say thanks to the team – this is exactly what I want from a defragging tool. If only all software worked like this. Many thanks,” -Malcolm

“This software is the only software that I have found that completely optimizes my computer without limitation. The features in PerfectDisk are all and more than any other software I have tried online. Thank you,” -Rene H.

“PerfectDisk is the best disk defrag I have ever used. I like the fact that PD 12.5 will do TB+ size disks fast and complete. Consolidating free space is most useful in keeping the disk tight without compressing data. Compared to PD 12.5 everything else is a joke. Keep up the good work.” -Eugene M.

Prevent Fragmentation on your PC with PerfectDisk!
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Computers, GPS Navigation, Android Smartphones & Day Trading Software

What do these digital consumer electronics have in common?

PerfectDisk optimizes all of the above for speed and efficiency!

GPS Navigation: “I have used Perfect Disk to defrag my Garmin GPS. It took a long time but my GPS starts faster and runs better. I did this after upgrading my maps and the upgrade said that there wasn’t enough memory to install all of the maps. I was not trying to install more than what I already had, just getting the most recent maps. Thanks for a very good product.” -James H.

Android Smartphones: “What it did was to defrag my mini SD card in my HTV EVO. Only 4gig but it now loads my programs & photos faster. It is a noticeable difference. Initially after I plugged in my EVO and then started PerfectDisk I then saw my SD mini drive. Did an analyze and saw the “boxes” showing free space, fraggs and other files and info stored on the disk. After doing a defrag and it was all in order with no fraggs, I did an optimize SSD and now it really flies again when accessing the card on my android. That’s about all I got and from what I saw the program only worked on the mini SD (or as the program said “flash” drive) in the phone and not the internal memory of the phone itself.” -Scott S.

Instructions on How to Optimize Android Performance

Day Trading Software: “Trading software collects and displays lots of data each and every second. This tends to create fragmentation on your hard drive. When a file is deleted, it leaves a space of a certain size. If the next file you save is larger than that space, it will be split into separate pieces in order to fill the available free space on your drive.

“While Windows comes with its own defragmentation tool, there are commercial products which do a much more thorough job in much less time, plus they allow you to keep working while they run in the background. My own personal favorite is PerfectDisk from Raxco.” – Andrei Knight, MoneyShow

What else does PerfectDisk optimize?

Photo Editing Software

Video Editing Software

PC Games like WoW, RAGE and other sandbox games (it fixes texture pop-in)

…and so much more!

Optimize Your Hard Drive with PerfectDisk: Download Free Trial

PerfectDisk Pro: Download Free Trial

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