The Stock Up Sale Begins Today at Hancock Fabrics! Stock Up On Your Commissions, Affiliates And Promote, Promote, Promote!


It’s time to stock up! As every sewer and crafter knows, you can never have enough supplies on hand for when that next out-of-the-blue bolt of creative energy strikes in the late evening, after all the stores are already closed! Now your visitors will be ready to “Carry on!” as Tim Gunn likes to say, with their creative inspiration because they will have stocked up on everything they need during the STOCK UP SALE going on now at! Grab the text and banner links from today’s newsletter and let your viewers know that from February 7th – February 12th they can save up to 40% on Fabric Expressions, flannels, sateens, fiberfill and so much more!

Remind your visitors that the WARM WISHES SALE EVENT is still going on with up to 50% OFF on glacier fleece solids & prints.


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