The Holiday Season is the Best Time to Promote Fresh, Wholesale Flowers From

‘Tis the season for flowers! The holiday season is in full swing now and many of our affiliates are taking advantage of the opportunity to promote fresh, bulk, wholesale flowers on their websites and social sites. With so many holiday galas, dinner parties and other festivities taking place this month, flowers are a big seller throughout the month of December. Let your viewers know that Globalrose.comsells their fresh flowers for so much less than other wholesalers and florists. All of their flowers are grown in environmentally-friendly, state of the art greenhouses and are cut just 3 – 4 days prior to their delivery date.

Today’s newsletter includes four December coupon specials you can share on your sites today. Post the text links and banners and let everyone know where to go to find the best, fresh flowers at the best prices!


December Coupon Special 1 – Get 10% Off on Orders $250 or More by using Coupon Code: CHRISTMAS at!

December Coupon Special 2 – Get $10 Off on Orders $120 or More by using Coupon Code: CHRISTMAS10 at!

December Coupon Special 3 – Get 10% Off on All Orange Roses (200/250 quantity) and Orange Carnations (400 Quantity) by using Coupon Code: XMASORANGE at

December Coupon Special 4 – Get 10% Off on All Yellow Roses (200/250 Quantity) and Yellow Carnations (400 Quantity) by using Coupon Code: XMASYELLOW at


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