3 Core Principles of Effective Affiliate Program Management and Growth

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The affiliate channel is a facet of digital marketing that is projected to increase steadily over the next few years. Affiliate marketing is an ever-evolving field and a well-conceived affiliate program needs to be agile and adaptable to keep up with the changes and thrive. That being said, while the industry evolves organically and new trends pop up all the time, some things in affiliate marketing don’t change. For any affiliate program to be successful, it needs to have 3 core areas handled really well, i.e.: effective affiliate recruiting, excellent affiliate messaging and expert affiliate management.

  • Quality Publishers and Affiliates: You need quality publishers in your affiliate program, period. And you need a lot of them, it’s a volume game. So where do you find them? While you can cast a wide net in your recruiting efforts, a targeted approach is more effective. An experienced affiliate management agency can help you maximize your recruiting efforts by securing the most relevant publishers for you, and then constantly recruiting more of them to work for your program. Specifically targeting ideal affiliates for your niche or industry saves you time and money and is proven to have a better ROI. Experience Advertising actively recruits affiliates on Commission Junction and other major networks. We also invite the relevant affiliates we have ongoing relationships with to produce for our clients. Experience Advertising takes a personalized approach to affiliate recruiting instead of the rather cold solicitation less experienced agencies may resort to. When our agency works with you, you can be sure you’ll get the affiliates you need to grow your program and increase your revenue month after month.

  • Excellent and Effective Messaging: Throughout the changes in affiliate marketing, this is a constant need – you have to communicate with your affiliates, and that communication has to be purposeful. Some agencies rarely message their affiliates and some agencies don’t message their affiliates very well. Experience Advertising, however, is not like the other agencies. We send affiliates frequent, personalized email messages and weekly newsletters that are friendly and well-designed. We provide our affiliates with the information and resources they need to be top-quality producers for our clients.

  • Great Affiliate Managers: You also need great overall affiliate management of your affiliate program. This will never change. How your affiliates are treated matters, significantly, and can be the difference between a successful program and a failed one. At Experience Advertising, we build one-on-one relationships with all of our affiliates and make all of them feel they are valued members of their program. We are available to affiliates 24/7 to answer questions and find solutions to their problems. Our experience in affiliate program management has taught what the most effective methods are, and we use strategies to increase program participation and implement performance incentives to reach sales goals for our clients. The processes we use at Experience Advertising are proven to work.

As the channel of affiliate marketing grows, so should your program. It’s time to step up your affiliate marketing plan. Contact us to set up a free affiliate program consultation, or call: 954-662-8010 to discuss your marketing strategy with affiliate marketing expert Evan Weber. Work with Experience Advertising and make your affiliate program the success you want it to be.

3 Core Principles of Effective Affiliate Program Management and Growth

This is What Consistently Works in Affiliate Program Management

This is What Consistently Works in Affiliate Program Management

Evan is the CEO and Founder of Experience Advertising. He has more than 20 years experience and background with ecommerce website marketing. His skill sets include: search engine marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, conversion rate optimization, and other traffic driving and community building strategies.

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