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How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Programs – Tip #1

By CEO and Founder / 4:42 am

Affiliate programs have taken the internet by storm over the past 7 or 8 years. Now it seems every ecommerce website out there has an affiliate program. This is all well and good but as an affiliate you should focus on certain niches that you want to make money in. For example, if you know…

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Super Affiliates are All Around You – How to Find Super-Affiliates

By CEO and Founder / 1:36 am

Who is the elusive “super-affiliate” and when do they dwell. Everyone wants to know this answer and it’s really very obvious….they are everywhere! Super affiliates come in all varieties and persuasions. They range from hard-core SEO experts to mom and pop website owners that love to post coupons. They can be blog owners and even…

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What are Meta-tags and Why are They Important to SEO

By CEO and Founder / 2:58 am

The three main meta-tags of your website, which help the search engines to know what your website is about, are the title, description and keywords tags. Meta-tags go into the HTML of each webpage on your site and should be specific to the content of the page itself. Well written meta-tags are a must to…

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What is Cost Per Acquisition or CPA Marketing?

By CEO and Founder / 2:54 am

Cost per acquisition refers to performance-based marketing whereby an affiliate or publisher is paid a CPA payout for generating a sale on the merchant’s website. This is either a percentage of the sale amount (ex. 5-30%) or a flat amount payout ($20) on the sale regardless of purchase amount. Both have their pros and cons,…

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What are the Best Affiliate Marketing Networks?

By CEO and Founder / 3:47 am

An affiliate network is a platform on which merchants and affiliates can do business with each other on a commission basis. Affiliate programs are usually on a per sale or per lead payout basis. The 2 largest and most popular affiliate networks are Linkshare and Commission Junction. These 2 networks have done a great job…

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What is Lead Generation or Lead Gen?

By CEO and Founder / 3:22 am

Lead generation is the type of marketing that generates leads for businesses. The business world thrives on fresh leads, to keep their salespeople busy, so therefore there will always be a strong market for lead generation. Lead generation is really about people filling out forms on websites for more information on a particular topic. Some…

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Free Blog Sites for Affiliate to Promote Merchants

By CEO and Founder / 2:39 am

Blogs have come on the scene and spread like widefire. Yes there are a lot of spammy blogs site out there, but the search engines seem to be able to weed them out relatively easily these days. When you launch a free blogs site you should build it out with about 5 pages of unique…

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What is the Future of Affiliate Marketing?

By CEO and Founder / 2:09 am

Affiliate marketing has come along way in the last ten years. It used to be pretty easy for an SEO affiliates to build tons of sites and get them ranked and literally rake in the dough. Now a days, smart affiliates will work on less sites and build them out into real sites the search…

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How Affiliate Should Choose Merchants to Promote

By CEO and Founder / 12:01 am

This is always the first question on the mind of a new affiliate but occasionally come up to super-affiliates, “Which Merchants should promote.” This question has changed over time, but still remains constant that you should promote product people want and need. For example, software is always being downloaded on the internet and there are…

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Where do Super Affiliates Hang Out?

By CEO and Founder / 7:27 pm

Everyone in the internet marketing world wants to know where to find and meet super affiliates. I get this question on a daily basis working with ecommerce merchants and lead generation companies. The are generally too narrow to see whats right in from on their faces. Most people in the affiliate world know that the…

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