Some Great Performing Affiliate Niches and Affiliate Marketing Strategies for 2012

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Picking the right affiliate marketing niches to work on is so important to maximizing your online marketing effectiveness. Different times of year are better for promoting certain types of products and services, and most Advertisers and “offers”  have their seasonality, which means they have a higher demand and click-to-sale ratio during certain times of year. That’s why its important to maintain focused websites or blogs in a variety of niches so you are always in season with one site or another. Since we are still in Q1 of 2012, New Years resolution type products and services are still converting really well. Gifts for Valentine’s Day are doing well right now, but will soon be over so here are some other good Q1 and Q2 affiliate niches you can focus on to maximize the effectiveness and traffic of you websites and blogs:

1. Dating – Online dating is always hot it seems and has been for years. Dating offers convert particularly well in the beginning of the year because people are looking for love after the holidays and New Year. There are so many online dating affiliate programs to choose from it can be difficult to decide which to promote. Make sure which ever ones you go with has an easy conversion process and a nice high payout per lead or sale. Also, if you have traffic you can play one Advertiser against another to get the highest commission rates. All dating Advertisers are hungry for new quality customer acquisitions due to the extremely competitive nature of the industry, so you can promise this and that and get a great commission rate right away, otherwise you can tell them you will go to their competitor for that payout. Dating review sites work well and offer the consumer the choice of what they are most intrigued by. Reviewing or providing info on several dating websites gives you more of a chance to make a commission depending on which website the visitor joins. If you are collecting email address on your website you can send them offers from the various affiliate advertisers and maximize the chances for a conversion.

2. Weight Loss and Dieting – Weight loss and dieting is another huge niche that always seems to be popular and heavily searched for, especially in the beginning of the year because people want to slim down as one of their New Year resolutions. Another relatively new breed of diet offers is the “diet meal delivery service” like Nutri-system. Diet meal delivery programs make it easy and convenient for consumers to eat healthy and lose weight, so they are very popular and gaining in popularity. Targeting locations like “New York diet meal delivery” is an effective way to craft content that will rank organically for location-based searches. Now go out and built a hundred unique city/state pages like that and you will be getting some good traffic. Make sure to feature the banner ads prominently on the page so they get clicked on. You can even try the food yourself so you can more accurately provide information and reviews to your visitors and audience. Sometime the company will give you free samples if you have a decent enough website or blog.

3. Smoking Cessation – Quitting smoking will always be a popular niche because there are millions of Americans (and in other countries) that are wanting to stop smoking. Electronic cigarettes have become very popular in the last couple of years and have proven to be a good performing affiliate niche. Creating an electronic cigarette review site can be effective because it gives the consumer a choice of companies and products. Targeted search, SEO, and Facebook advertising can be effective with these types of products is promoted well with the right commission on the back-end. We represent on the Commission Junction network you can affiliate with.

4. Phone Service – another popular thing to do in the New Year is cutting expenses and saving money on your household budget. Doing something like changing your home or virtual office phone service from over-priced national carriers to VOIP-based services can dramatically cut your expenses. There are many VOIP phone service providers, like, that can be promoted effectively through affiliate marketing. Phone service affiliate programs typically have a good conversion rate and high payout, so they can be promoted through both free and paid online advertising channels. The more sales you produce, the higher of a commission you can get from the Advertiser because it is a competitive industry and life-time customer value is usually good. Look for other budget cutting services that can be promoted or built a site for. People love saving money and slashing their expenses so this will always be a very popular niche you can craft content for.

5. Trend Watching – another great way to find new, profitable affiliate niches is to watch trends. If you see a product or service all the children in the neighborhood are into, it’s probably a good niche and you should try to find an affiliate Advertiser to partner with. Likewise, anything in the popular culture that seems hot or new and exciting, you can find an Advertiser that sells it and put up a blog review site for it. Since blogs and basic sites basically cost nothing to construct, there is no reason you can’t have many sites launched in various niches with basic original content on them. Google Trends is a great way to monitor and find hot, new trends you can get involved in. If you can find an Advertiser on the major affiliate networks like CJ, Linkshare, Shareasale, and Google Network, you can contact sites and suggest they launch an affiliate program because you are interested in promoting in that niche. Once you have the site going and affiliate ads on it you can set-up Google Alerts on particular keyword phrases to notify you when something hits the web about that niche so you can go write a post on your site immediately. This is a great way to  get free traffic because you will be one of the first with a post about it on the web, so when people go searching for it your page can come up in the organic search results.

These are some well performing affiliate niches that work great in the first part of the year. There are many more of course, but I just wanted to give a few to spark your interest. I definitely think trend spotting is a good method for finding affiliate niches before others that you can put a site or blog up for that niche with 5-10 original articles that can get ranking in the free traffic. But you should be able to update your sites/blogs with fresh content on a weekly basis at least to maintain good rankings (daily is best). I hope you liked this little article, please leave a comment and let me know some other great affiliate niches that work well in the first part of the year. Thanks and have a great day!

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