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CJ Affiliates:

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is the most romantic week of the year as well as a profitable one for our affiliates! Hopefully, none of your visitors will be receiving a vacuum cleaner or a nose hair trimmer tomorrow from their beloved because if all goes well, there will be a lot of love in the air over the next few days which could translate into some very good bedding sales and commissions for our affiliates!

Keep the love alive from NOW – FEBRUARY 17th by promoting a new coupon special offering 45% savings on select Koni Comforters at With a Koni comforter, your visitors will be able to snuggle up with their Valentine and enjoy luxurious comfort for years to come! And for those who fail miserably tomorrow in the romantic gift-giving challenge, market the need for TWO Koni comforters; the second one for the person sent to sleep on the couch! It’s a WIN/WIN, Affiliates!

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Save 45% on Select Koni Comforters using coupon code: Winter45. Shop Now at!



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