Remember to Promote iHome Gifts for Grads and Dads!

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Graduation and Father’s Day celebrations are coming up which means NOW is the perfect time to promote! Many of your viewers will be in need of some great gifts for Grads and Dads and your website links can help them find that special gift. Now is also a great time of year to increase your commissions so get your text and banner ads posted and PROMOTE! PROMOTE! PROMOTE! to boost your springtime affiliate earnings!

Grab the HTML links from your CJ account to get the word out about iHome gifts for the graduate and for Dad!


  • May Coupon 1 – Get 40% Off on Dual Alarm Clock Radio for your iPhone/iPod with AM/FM presets (iP90B/iP90S) by using Coupon Code: CJP90 at
  • May Coupon 2 – Save $100 on AirPlay Wireless Audio System with Rechargeable Battery (iW1) by using Coupon Code: CJW1 at
  • May Coupon 3 – Save $70 Off on Bluetooth audio system for iPod, iPhone, and iPad (iA100ZC) by using Coupon Code: CJA100ZC at
  • May Coupon 4 – Save $50 Off on Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Speakers with Speakerphone for iPad/iPhone/iPod (iDM15) by using Coupon Code: CJDM15 at
  • May Coupon 5 – Get 30% Off on App-friendly Rechargeable Speaker System for iPad/iPhone/iPod (iD8GV) by using Coupon Code: CJD8 at
  • May Coupon 6 – Get 30% Off on Rechargeable Stereo Speaker Case for iPhone/iPod (iP57) by using Coupon Code: CJP57 at
  •  May Coupon 7 – Save $15 Off on AM/FM, AC/DC Portable Dual Alarm Clock Radio in Blue, Pink Green (RT212) by using Coupon Code: CJRT212 at
  • May Coupon 8 – Save $100 Off on Studio Series 100 Watts Audio System for iPhone/iPod (iP1) by using Coupon Code: CJIP1 at
  • May Coupon 9 – Get 50% Off on iPad Case with Built-in Rechargeable Stereo Speakers (iDM69) by using Coupon Code: CJIDM69 at
  • May Coupon 10 – Save $70 Off on LED Color Changing Tower Stereo Speaker System with Bluetooth (iP76) by using Coupon Code: CJIP76 at
  • May Coupon 11 – Get 40% Off on Dual Alarm Clock Radio for iPhone/iPod (iP87) by using Coupon Code: CJIP87 at

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