Raxco Software March 2012 CJ Coupon Codes: Take an Extra 20% Off & More Plus: Simple URL Redirect Optimization

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Hey Affiliates and Publishers! Here is the latest affiliate program news for our client: Raxco Software on the CJ network! Thank you! We had our best CJ month ever in February 2012 and we only have you to thank for it.

Have Windows OS/PC content? Coupon site? You’re our prime targets!

Here are the tools you’ll need to ramp up conversions even more during March:

March Coupon Codes:

Take an Extra 20% Off Household & Multi-User Software Licenses at Raxco! Coupon Code: LUCKY20 (Expires March 31, 2012)

15% Off Single & 1-User Software Licenses at Raxco! Coupon Code: LUCKY15 (Expires March 31, 2012)

Need exclusive vanity coupon codes? Email Lauren at affiliates (at) raxco.com

B2B Promotions:

Buy 1 Get 5 Free: Get 5 FREE PerfectDisk Pro for Networks Licenses with Every PerfectDisk Server Purchase!

Optimize Server Performance & Manage Network PC Performance for FREE!

Redirect Coupon Links to Top 3 Products

Want the coupon link to land directly on the product page of your choice? You can send traffic to the store product pages or to off-site landing pages where the user can simply download our products for free. Why would you do this when the goal is to generate a sale? Some of our landing pages convert higher than our product pages because all of our products have IN-PRODUCT marketing that helps convert the trial user into a purchaser! Give it a try with our top 3 sellers.

Top 3 Product Pages:

Optimize PC Performance – PerfectDisk Product Page: http://www.raxco.com…ofessional.aspx
Restore PC Stability – PerfectUpdater Product Page: http://www.raxco.com…ectupdater.aspx
Speed Up Your PC – PerfectRegistry Product Page: http://www.raxco.com…ctregistry.aspx
Off-Site Landing Pages:

PerfectUpdater Landing Page: http://www.raxco.com…ater/index.html
PerfectUpdater Landing Page 2: http://www.raxco.com…ter2/index.html
PerfectRegistry Landing Page: http://www.raxco.com…stry/index.html
PerfectRegistry Landing Page 2: http://www.raxco.com…stry2/index.htm
Here’s how to redirect coupon links:

First, make sure you choose a link that has URL redirects enabled.

At the end of your CJ tracking link, add the variable url=


After you append the URL redirect, test it to make sure it lands on the correct page.

If you want to test different landing pages for the same product, you can add tracking by inserting an sid= variable for each landing page in your CJ tracking link:



(replace the XXXXXXXX in the URL with your website PID #).

View reports for the SID variable in the Transaction Reports under Commission Detail Report.

Looking to drive more traffic to your website or do social media better? Contact Evan for a complimentary website analysis and customized online marketing strategy. I would love to have a phone call with you!

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

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