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PR - Public Relations - Media/Influencer Outreach

If you are looking to really get the word out about your company or business to media outlets, journalists, bloggers, and influencers, we can execute a cost-effective, results-driven outreach strategy to accomplish this goal for you. We can conduct either a quick, well-written press release about your latest company news or new product release, or we can implement a sustained, full-fledged PR strategy over a series of months, that will effectively get your company’s news in the press, on relevant blogs, and in the hards of powerful influencers on a local or national basis. At Experience Advertising, we are typically able to accommodate our client’s budget for PR. Having a well-planned, proactive quarterly PR strategy in place is part of an effective overall digital marketing strategy.

Here are some of the more common PR scenarios that we implement for our clients:

Scenario 1 – Traditional Press Release – Including Writing and Detailed Reporting

This is the most common PR scenario we implement for our clients, i.e. we write and release the press releases for the client following this proven-effective process:

  1. Client provides the details of the company news or product launch for instance in detail to our writers.
  2. The client provides the following to be included in the release as well: images/photos, title, a quote from the spokesperson or whomever needs to be quoted in the releases, a video about the company (or whatever video you have you want to include in the release). We can create a new spokesperson videos for an additional fee if you need this done. 5-7 days turn around if you need a video.
  3. We create the press release and submit it to the client for review. 1-2 week turn around on the entire release. We use PRweb’s Premium releases which have the widest distribution of any release service. If you go with another agency that doesn’t use PRWeb’s Premium release it likely won’t have anywhere near the distribution size and do bascially nothing. (you get what you pay for bascially).
  4. Press Release reporting is provided directly to the client on a weekly basis from the time the releases is distributed, to monitor the results of the release.

Scenario 2 – Press Release Writing and Distribution + Targeted Media Prospecting and Influencer Outreach

This is the next step up from the Scenario 1 press release writing and distribution process. Everything is included in Scenario 1, plus the client receives targeted PR, Media, and Influencer outreach.

  1. The same process is utilized as in Scenario 1 to create and distribute the press release.
  2. Once this is finished, our team creates a targeted list if media contacts that is used to conduct the targeted outreach campaigns. Typically the number of targeted media snd influence contacts that are prospected with the news release is between 50-100 per month that are contacted on a personal basis, first through personalized email  and then by phone.
  3. If the PR contact is interested in running the story or picking it up, they are provided all of the necessary information required to run the story through their outlet.

If you are interested in launching either a press release campaign or a larger PR push for your company, please contact us directly for a customize quotation and some examples of our press release writing quality. We look forward to hearing from you!

-Experience Advertising, Inc.

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