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A well written press release can be an effective tool that not only informs the public about any new developments in your company, but also targets and engages an intended audience. Promote on your websites and social media sites and let your viewers know the top 5 reasons press releases are so great:

Top 5 Reasons To Send A Press Release:
#5: To showcase a product or service
#4: To update the media
#3: To attract an audience
#2: To start a campaign
#1: To increase online search visibility for your company 

Many of your busy viewers may not know how to write a press release, or they may be too busy to create one themesleves. eReleases’ team of writers knows how to write a compelling press releases that will attract media attention for any news, event or announcement. With more than 100,000 opt-in journalists and a relationship with the largest and most-respected newswire, eReleases can get a press releases sent directly to the desktops of journalists, freelance writers, and bloggers!

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