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Happy Presidents’ Day! As our nation celebrates its country’s leaders, let’s think back to the days of George Washington, America’s first president. The advancements in carpentry and sawing at that time led to an increase in woodworking. Walnut was a popular wood used to craft beds during much of the 18th century. Beds and bedroom furnishings during Washington’s lifetime were often adorned with textiles such as bedding, curtains, bed hangings and draperies. The bed was often the most valuable piece of furniture in the home and was thoughtfully and elaborately decorated.

In today’s homes, the bed is still a treasured sanctuary for many, and comfortable bed linens and pillows create a luxurious and restful sleep. This President’s Day, is celebrating with a special Side Sleeper coupon and 60% savings on Pillowtex Chopped Memory Foam and Shredded Latex Foam Pillows NOW – February 20th. Grab the text and banner ads included in today’s newsletter and share this special President’s Day coupon with your friends, fans and subscribers.


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