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I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! The holiday season has begun and along with it comes lots of online holiday shoppers! More than half of Americans (57%) are expected to shop from the comfort of their home computer and mobile screens this Cyber Monday.

To take advantage of Cyber Monday and the expected boost in sales, refresh your banners and text ads and put your friends, fans and subscribers on blast to let them know that Hooked On Phonics has top rated educational materials to help children master reading and math skills. Hooked On Phonics has developed innovative products and systems that teach children not only to learn but also to love learning. Invite your visitors to try the Hooked on Phonics 30-day risk free trial for just $14.95 + FREE shipping. If they don’t see a grade level boost in their child’s reading in 30 days, they can return the program for a full refund and keep the Reading Fun Pack as their gift. Hooked On Phonics is research-based and developed by leading educators who understand how children learn to read. Each session takes just 20 minutes or less and has helped more than 3 million children improve their grades.

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