Post This: Raxco Software 30% Off CJ Coupon & Could Your Registry Cleaner Be Fooling You?

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Hey Affiliates and Publishers! Here is the latest affiliate program news for Raxco Software on the Commission Junction Network!

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15 vs. 500: Don’t You Care About System Performance?

That’s the question we want to ask our competitors: Don’t you care about your customers’ system performance? See how one competitor tried to pull the wool over their (now former) customer’s eyes, and how that person became a PerfectRegistry customer, below.

Invalid registry entries can be added by viruses looking to infect and create havoc on your system. A single deleted or modified registry entry can result in:

Slow performance (even on a relatively new PC)
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)
Frequent PC freezes
Unexplained PC crashes
Common Windows errors
Programs hang often and are slow to open
Registry cleaning should be done on a regular basis and with caution because every change made to your Windows registry influences how your PC operates. If you remove the wrong registry entry or make an unwanted change to a useful setting, you may crash your PC or corrupt the software currently installed on it.

PerfectRegistry automatically backs up your registry before cleaning and optimizing it for peak performance, allowing you to restore your registry to a prior system restore point in order to avoid data loss.

Fix Your Slow PC with PerfectRegistry! Start Free Scan

Could Your Registry Cleaner Be Fooling You?

“I installed PerfectRegistry today with a license key that I purchased. I ran another program that claims to be ‘the best’ and has many recommendations. It found a few items (15) and I cleaned it up.

“I then rebooted and ran PerfectRegistry. It found over 500 issues!!! I was astounded, I did a registry back up and then ran fix and it fixed them all, I also ran the defrag and it worked flawless also. I have been using PerfectDisk for several years, this PerfectRegistry is an outstanding companion to PerfectDisk. I recommend highly. My OS is Windows 7 – 64 Bit professional.

“Great job…”

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