Pepper Jam Management Clients Contacted by Commission Junction

The latest drama in the affiliate marketing world is Commission Junction calling up PepperJam’s affiliate management clients to basically tell them to drop Pepper Jam management due to the fact that Pepper Jam has launched a competing affiliate network called: The PepperJam Network. Here the issue…PepperJam manages affiliate programs for merchants in CJ, yet they launched their own network 2 months ago and are agressively promoting it as being so great and wonderful, garnering endoresments from some of the “biggest” names in affiliate marketing . (I have looked at it and and I wasn’t that impressed.) So, CJ according to PepperJams own CEO’s blog started “cold calling” (it’s hardly that) all the merchants that PepperJam is managing in CJ and have told them to fire PepperJam. I completely agree with CJ on this issue, of course they would want to protect their affiliate base and merchant based from being pilfered by the Pepper Jam staff and employees. This is a major conflict of interest in my opinion. Most of you know that I am a big fan of Commission Junction for a lot of reasons, not least of which is their incredible base of affiliates and brand-name merchants. If I were them I would want to protect this affiliate universe from being picked at by the likes of Pepper Jam. There is potentially a major issue for the merchants that PepperJam is managing in CJ, which is that from what I understand Pepper Jam Management has a 60 day out clause in their contract, which will hurt merchants that have to pay that 2 months of fees for services that won’t be rendered if they have to either handle it inhouse or move to another affiliate program management company. It’s also very bad for PepperJam in that they can potentially lose clients. Pepper Jam can tell them to relax while things will blow over, but I doubt they will. PepperJams clients that are leaving maybe interested in contacting Experience Advertising for our affiliate program management and recruiting services. We charge much less per month and over-deliver value in the form of affiliate program growth month over month. We are industry experts in SEO, PPC, HTML and all aspcets of Internet Marketing. You can contact Evan if you would like a free consultation and full evaluation. I look forward to hearing from you.

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