Niche Website Building Tips and Resources

What should I use to build my niche site? (Free vs. Paid),, – These can be great for launching quick sites/blogs. Add affiliate banners to monetize.

Paid requires paid hosting, domain name purchase, site builder tool access

Content, Content, Content – the search engines love unique, original content. Become a proficient writer, one that types with blazing speed and is mildly creative. Or hire writers to provide the content on a per piece basis. Articles/blog posts range from $10-25 per 400 word piece from outsourced writers. Write about things people are interested in and would return to your site read.

Syndicate your content – Submit RSS feed to:
Broadcast your content – Submit post to for mass syndication. This updates your “status” on all your social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). This increases replies, comments, and responses for your network.

Be creative and timely with your content – write about things that will compel people to read your article and not abandon. Make sure to have Newsletter Sign-up, Follow Us on Twitter, other on-page functions that can increase “stickiness.” This will also help your site rank better.

Optimize for SEO – You content shouldn’t be overly keyword rich, but natural and comprehensive. Make sure your titles are well constructed and anticipate how are people are performing searches, as these become your Title Meta-tags.

Article Directories – Becoming an author at can get you rankings and some good inbound links and traffic. This can help you get multiple rankings for the same topics.
Choosing Topics: What niches should I go into?
See what other affiliates are doing. Run some searches on topics or products you are interested in. See who comes up in the search results. Study what other people are doing on their sites to give you ideas of what you should do.

Join affiliate programs – Join tons of programs on CJ, Linkshare, and Shareasale. See who accepts you. CJ programs can be sorted by EPC or best performing offers. Then go to Google and search for those merchants and see who ranks organically. There should be many portals and niche affiliate sites ranking.
Best Tools to Use for Niche Site Building:
Experience Advertising Tools – WordPress custom Blog builder, Product site builder, Store builder. – Great for reviewing products and building mini stores. Some cost but cheap. – Good for building niche stores with the Merchant’s product feed.
Golden Can – This is great for adding a store to your existing site with just some code.
Google Keyword Suggestion Tool – Tap affiliate managers for best keywords and products.

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