New Product Launch from iHomeAudio- iA5 App-enhanced Alarm Clock

App-enhanced Alarm ClockExciting news for iHome affiliates! iHome’s new iA5 alarm clock speaker solution for iPhone and iPod has been launched. The pioneers that brought the first ever iPod docking alarm clock continue to innovate year after year with smart and useful speaker solutions. This year, they’re once again ahead of the competition by introducing the first-ever app-enhanced alarm clock. This is a great product to promote on your blogs and sites.

How it Works: Through a software update a few months ago, Apple made it possible for companies to create products that could communicate with apps, to offer additional and more personal functionality. Enter iHome’s iA5 device and their app iHome+Sleep. iHome+Sleep is 100% free and communicates with the iA5 to give users the power to adjust the alarm clock’s time, alarm, snooze settings, playlist to sleep and wake to and EQ settings via the easy-to-use touch screen interface on the iPhone or iPod Touch. It also acts as a personalized morning paper. When you wake up, you’ll see your weather forecast for the day and a snapshot of what went on with your friends on Facebook and Twitter while you were sleeping. Combine that with the iA5’s great sound via iHome’s Reson8 speaker chambers, and you get the most customizable alarm clock ever, with an amazingly low price tag of $99.

Their free iHome+Sleep app download, which is been incredibly popular, has received over 250,000 downloads in the last 6 weeks since launching!

iHome’s first ‘app-enhanced’ speaker dock for the iPhone OS combines an interactive app with a dedicated bedside alarm clock, providing users the most connected and engaging sleep experience available. Designed specifically to work with their new iHome+Sleep app, here are some great features of the product:

– post updates to your social networks in the morning and at bedtime
– wake to a summary of what your friends did ‘while they were sleeping’
– check weather forecast
– track sleep habits
– sleep and wake to your custom iPod/iPhone playlist

And you can do it all without lifting your head off your pillow! This is a really new and innovated product from iHome you can promote through your affiliate marketing and social media. Let us know if you have any questions about the product.

Other iA5 info:
· Price is $99.
· App is available free at

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