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Hey all! We are very excited to have just launched the affiliate program live on the Commission Junction (CJ) affiliate network!

AMOS TV, the world’s leading producer and distributor of Ambient Videos, is proud to join Commission Junction with a very special offer!

We are offering the AMOS “Complete Collection” of 8 full-length feature DVDs and at incredible 50% off retail price. These DVDs sell for $14.99 in stores and online, however as part of this very special program offer, we are almost giving them away at only $59.99 – a full 50% off retail pricing. We are sure this offer will generate a tremendous amount of buzz and we thank you for your participation. This DVD collection makes a great gift for friends or loved ones who are fans of nature, travel, art, design, animals or who simply enjoy filling their TV screen with unparalleled beauty.<p>

The 8 DVDs are as follows: Under the Sea, A View From Above, Classical Sounds, Enchanting Forests, REST, RISE, Winter Wonderland and REBEL. Each DVD is between 80 and 100 minutes in length and is shot in HD for stunning imagery and an experience like none other! Using only the highest quality video from world-renowned sources and expertly pairing each video with a soundtrack performed by the world’s leading musicians, AMOS has created nothing short of a masterpiece! Shot in 1080 HD in over 50 countries and 7 continents, each and every DVD will amaze and astonish the viewer as we create a world tour sensation for the viewer without even having to leave their living room. No passport required as the viewer travels from the great icebergs of the North Pole to the depths of the Indian Ocean – and everyplace in-between!<p>

AMOS videos can be seen all over the world. AMOS has one of the most popular channels on The Hotel Network with viewership in over 2MM hotel rooms and we are also a content partner to Premier Retail Networks (PRN) where our videos are used as “eye candy” in just about every big-box retailer across the globe. AMOS also has one of the most popular apps on both Samsung and Google TV.

Join the affiliate program on CJ here!

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