Affiliate Program Management Overview:

Operating an affiliate program is one of the best ways to increase your website’s traffic and revenue via online marketing. Affiliate marketing is also known as performance-based marketing, whereby affiliates are paid commissions based on the actual number of sales or leads they generate. A robust, well-developed affiliate program has thousands of affiliates signed up and hundreds of regular producers contributing sales. In order for an affiliate program to reach its fullest potential it must be managed professionally and intensively by affiliate managers with both affiliate management experience and advanced knowledge of online marketing. Experience Advertising has risen to the top of the outsourced affiliate management space by delivering consistent sales growth for our clients through proactively managing our affiliates with proven affiliate management techniques.

Our Principles of Affiliate Management:

  • Personalized, Friendly Affiliate Management – We seek to know each of our affiliates personally by reaching out to assess their possible needs. We offer our friendly guidance and strategies to optimize their current sites and new ways to generate more traffic. We are always friendly and helpful when working with our affiliates.
  • Providing Knowledge and Free Affiliate Tools – We provide affiliate education and Internet marketing resources free of charge. Our free site builders have build thousands of sites for affiliates with free hosting. We also have a lively affiliate forum with thousands of members. We believe that affiliates should never have to pay to use affiliate tools.
  • Free Content and Articles – We regularly provide 100% original content and articles for our affiliates free of charge. We believe that unique content is the key to generating traffic and we provide articles directly to affiliates on a daily basis.
  • Open Lines of Communication and Support – We make ourselves available to affiliates on a truly 24/7 basis. Affiliates can reach us by instant messenger, email or phone 7 days a week. And affiliates never have to wait to be approved or followed up with. A lightning-fast response time is our goal.
  • Successful Motivational Strategies – We regularly run exciting affiliate sales contests and bonus out prizes and cash to affiliates for being producers. We always look forward to putting together our contests!

Are You Ready to Experience Great Affiliate Management?

If you are ready to launch an affiliate program or you currently have an affiliate program that needs to be pumped up with new life, please contact us today. We will give you a complete assessment of how we can best assist your company. Our goal is to help you grow a large, productive affiliate program and crush your competition! We look forward to hearing from you!


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