How to Use Social Bookmarking with Affiliate Marketing

Hey all! I wanted to post about something I’m passionate about which is called “social bookmarking.” Social bookmarking has been around for several years now and should be utilized to spread your content, articles, and posts around the Internet to high-ranking websites. Social bookmarking, in my opinion, is a fairly under-utilized by most Internet Marketers and Bloggers. Social bookmarking will allow you to get your content more exposure and better rankings over time if you go it about it properly with a good strategy. Another aspect of social bookmarking is the ability to add “tags” to each submission which categorizes the content and allows other people to find it easier. Tagging also gets the post listed on the page with similar tagged posts which is just another inbound link to that page on your site. It’s never bad to have have inbound links to interior pages of your site from high ranking bookmarking sites.

Here is my Social Bookmarking and Social Networking process I like to use after posting articles to my sites:
1. Post article or blog post to my site.
2. Share Title and article url on Facebook to my friends. When friends Like, Comment, or Share your post their friends see it and they can do the same, which brings in more traffic and it can go viral.
3. Share Title and article url to my Facebook Fan Page. Posting to your Fan Page will allow your fans to Like, comment, and share your content which leads to more fan interaction. Make sure to respond to all your fan’s comments and keep the conversation going as long as possible.
4. Post Title and article url to Twitter account. Tweeting your post can get it retweeted and commented on which gets it more exposure. Make sure to retweet other peoples Twitter posts so they will retweet yours.
5. Submit Title and article url to,,,,, Google Buzz, and my LinkedIn Group. You need to be joined to all of these sites to make a submission. Once logged in on your computer, you can just go to each site and submit. These are my favorite social bookmarking sites and tend to rank really well in Google which benefits your site when you have them linking to you through the bookmarking submissions.
6. Post my Digg submission to Facebook and Twitter asking my friends and followers to Digg it for me, which can get it more traffic. The more you Digg, retweet, and bookmark your friends’ posts the more they will do it for you can help it go viral.

This is a quick little process for social bookmarking your content and articles to social book marking sites. If you can get a bunch of your friends and followers to bookmark your articles as well you can really improve the rankings of each post, as the more bookmarks you have to each post the more inbound links you are creating to each. All of the posts I bookmark tend to rank really well in Google, so I know it’s an effective way to build the rankings to your inner pages and content. You have to be really pro-active with your bookmarking of other people articles to ensure they will bookmark yours more frequently. Social Bookmarking is still an untapped strategy for affiliate marketers and bloggers. You are working hard producing content, so make sure you utilize social bookmarking to help the whole overall process work better and get more traffic! Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions at all.

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Evan is the CEO and Founder of Experience Advertising. He has more than 20 years experience and background with ecommerce website marketing. His skill sets include: search engine marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, conversion rate optimization, and other traffic driving and community building strategies.

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    Thanks for sharing. I’ll go ahead and create a fan page on my facebook right away.

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