How to Pull the HTML for a Specific Product from a Commission Junction Advertiser (CJ) Video

Hey there..hope you had a nice weekend. Have you ever wondered how to promote just one specific product from an Affiliate Advertiser on Commission Junction? It’s a great idea to post about specific products and provide a description or review of that product (if you are reviewing the product you should have experience with it). It’s really easy actually. Depending on how you edit your site or blog, once you grab the HTML code you just paste it into the page or post within your review. Here is a little screen video depicting how to go into your Publisher Account and grab the HTML for the Advertiser

Once you copy the HTML from the CJ interface you can paste it into your page or post. Each site building or blog platform is different so you have to do what’s right for your site builder. With WordPress you press the “code” button before and after pasting in the HTML code. This is how to access the HTML affiliate tracking code the Goji Berry product on If you have any questions about how to access affiliate tracking code through any Affiliate Network please contact us through this website. Thanks and have a great time posting affiliate content and links!

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  1. Nancy on at 3:55 pm

    How can i highlight products in a facebook post?

  2. Affiliate Management on at 9:15 pm

    You may want to post them on your site or blog and then share the post on FB….thx

  3. Tammy on at 10:23 pm

    Unable to view this video right now, doesn’t want to work for me. Will try again later.

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