How to Get More Quality Inbound Links for Free!

Everyone knows that it’s good to have a lot of websites linking to your website on a one-way basis. The search engines generally tend to view these links as a favorable vote that your website is worthy of linking to. The general consensus is that you want related sites linking to your site, but this isn’t always mandatory. Good quality sites that have good rankings in Google and a good amount of their own inbound links are the types of sites you ideally want linking to you. Another very important factor is the actual words in the hyperlink, ie the “anchor text.” The anchor text gives the search engines an idea of the topic of your site. It is generally desirable to have various popular keywords that pertain to your site in your anchor text, but the majority of your links shoulds refer to the most popular topic of your site. For example, if you site is an online shopping mall, you want the sites linking to you to use “Online Shopping” as their anchor text the majority of the time. Of course you don’t always have control of what anchor text a site is using to link to yours. That’s not an issue at all, but expected but the search engines.

There are a couple of really easy ways to get relavant inbound links to your site for free. You can submit your site to online directories. This is a manual process but worth the effort. Make sure each title and description of your site is differently worded on each directory. There are literally thousands of online directories you can submit to. Go to Google and type in “Health Directory” or whatever your site is about to find directories to submit to. Another killer way the get free inbound links is to join online forums, ie message boards, related to your site topic. When you join forums, you are able to put your site’s URL in your profile. You can also setup a hyperlink in your Signature. This means that everytime you post on the forum you get a free link from your signature. This is a trmendously good strategy for acquiring related inbound links. These are but a few tips on gaining inbound links to your site. Now go out and start posting on forums! Make sure you are making valuable contributions to the forum or you may get banned.

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