How to Effectively Promote the Karate Kids Affiliate Program

Hello everyone! Here are but a few ideas to promote the Karate Kids home Fitness Affiliate Program. Capitalize on the new movie featuring Will Smith’s son as the newest Karate Kid by promoting this program. Also, since over-weight children in the United States is a large problem, this program is totally in-demand! Not to mention it’s really great product that performs well. This affiliate program can be promoted heavily to the parent, family, home, children, or fitness demographics. Here are some affiliate marketing ideas for promoting this program:

Social Networking – Spread the word through social media like Twitter and Facebook. Tell your social network about the product and link through your affiliate url. You can use to track each posting you do. Use to update all your social networks at once. You can also advertise directly through Facebook here.

SEO Search – Optimize your website or blog for “Kids Workout Programs” or “Childrens Karate Exercise Programs.” Create a dedicated page on your site and talk about the features and benefits of the product. We have “kids fitness” related keywords available for you. You can also write articles about Kids Fitness or anything related to children and working out or staying health and post your site. You can also post articles to article directories with a link back to your site. Contact me for more info on article marketing strategies.

PPC Search – You can set-up keyword campaigns with Google Adwords, Yahoo, or MSN search. You can create a landing page with content and banners to send the traffic to. This is riskier and cost money, so this can be done to compliment your organic traffic once that’s kicking in. Contact me for landing page design help or if you would like to learn more about Pay-per-click search.

Custom Designed Banners – We would love to custom design some banners for you to match your site, in whatever sizes you wish.

We also have a free site building tool you can use to build a blog for KidHomeFitness!

Let us know if you would like to have a conversation to discuss how to effectively promote the Kids Home Fitness affiliate program. We are here to help…and it cost’s nothing. Speak to you soon!

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