How to Become a Successful Internet Affiliate

Making money online is a dream that is being realized by thousands of webmasters, bloggers, and PPC experts all over the world. Through the use of affiliate marketing programs, excellent revenue can be generated with your site or blog if you follow certain proven affiliate marketing practices. Some of the best super affiliates in the world are using a combination of organic SEO and pay per click to forge their way to self-employment and affiliate weath. There are a few affiliate principles that most super affiliates adhere to in their online promoting and traffic driving.

The first concept that most super affiliates use is leveraging free traffic, or natural search, to generate visitors and sales with their sites or blogs. This is achieved by building out your site or blog with lots of unique pages of content about whatever products or services you are choosing to promote. The more unique articles and pages of content you create on you site the more potential traffic you can get from the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Another important aspect of organic search traffic is acquiring inbound links to your site. Make sure these are one-way text links using the most popular phrase you are looking to rank for as your anchor text, ex. “health insurance”. The more sites you have linking to your site the more “link juice” you will attain and your site will climb up the rankings. One important note is that you should look at the number of inbound links the site linking to you has and their own rankings to determine if that is a good candidate to acquire links from. By using these 2 principles of building organic traffic you can achieve higher rankings in a few months. Keep in mind that organic search ranking is a long-term strategy and not something attained overnight.

Another excellent way to generate traffic is via the PPC or pay per click seach eninges. Google, Yahoo and MSN all have their own version of PPC search. Of course Google pushes the most searches per month so that is your best place to get traffic, however each product converts differently across the different search engines. This is due to the big 3 having slightly different search audiences. Some people say that Google has more information seekers and Yahoo has more shoppers. This all depends on the products or services being sold of course. PPC has become increasingly more difficult to make work but still can be done if you are smarter than the rest of your competition. Finding niche keywords that produce sales is a key factor in attaining an ROI on your PPC arbitrage efforts. There are free click coupons you can use to test merchants conversion rates which make it good to test out ppc traffic.

There are many ways to drive traffic to your website, however NO website or blog will get traffic if you don’t work on the site on a daily or weekly basis. Through a combination of organic and PPC traffic you can internet market your way to affiliate riches and wealth. Look at the whole process as a long-term strategy, nothing happens over-night and if it does it was probably to good to be true. If you would like more information on increasing your organic/natural traffic or PPC traffic contact Evan today. Now get out there and drive some traffic!

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