How Affiliate Marketers can Capitalize on Summer Niche Seasonality

Every season brings an opportunity for affiliate marketers to capitalize on products and services that are in-demand during that time of year. In order to make sure your content and pages matriculate into the search results in time, you should start your affiliate marketing activities 2-3 months prior to that season’s arrival. Summer-time presents an opportunity to market in niches like: travel, luggage, swim suits, sunglasses, and other related niches people are looking for at that time. I will discuss some strategies for driving traffic to your sites or blogs in “Summery” niches to take advantage of this time of year.

Everyone loves the Summer. People like to do things like: travel, participate in outdoor activities, go on vacations, take road trips, go to the beach, and other things you can do when it’s hot out and the weather is good. Therefore, affiliate niches that pertain to the Summer will be really hot a month or 2 prior to the season hitting in May or June. Here is a list of niches that you can find affiliate Advertisers in you can affiliate with:

– Luggage sales boom in the couple of months prior to Summer. Suggested merchant: on CJ.
– Sungalsses are really in-demand for the Summer. Suggested Advertiser: on CJ.
– Weight Loss and dieting to look good for the outdoors. Suggested Advertisers:,, and Great performing weight loss and health food Advertisers on CJ.
– Travel Advertisers can convert well during this time. There are tons in CJ, Linkshare, and Shareasale.

Ok so you have some ideas for products and services to promote, now what are the best ways to promote in these niches to create traffic and commissions? Here are some suggested Internet Marketing methods to generate traffic in these niches:

Page Building – build new pages on your site that you can brand as Summer-related. Give some helpful tips on how to maximize your savings and other types of helpful tips for your visitors. You can build dedicated pages for Advertisers you are promoting and feature their coupons and promotions on the page to encourage conversions and coupon usage.
Blogging – blogging is a great way to crank out content focusing on the Summer, travel, and having fun out of doors. Blogging is great because you can post as much as you want and then share your posts socially on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and to your subscriber base. Making helpful lists of ideas to have fun or save money can be really attractive to visitors looking to maximize their fun and budget. Use your frame of reference and experience to put together helpful tips. Read other people’s tips and suggestions and then formulate and publish your own versions.
Paid Advertising – running pay per click search campaigns to targeted search phrases can be effective if you can match up a search phrase to a page on your site that features deals. For instance, someone searching for “hotel deals” can be dropped to a page on your site featuring some of the best travel deals from your affiliate Advertisers. Another example is “luggage deals,” sending the traffic to a nice page on your site featuring deals and coupons from luggage Advertisers. Facebook advertising can be used similarly to target people that are likely to travel and look for deals.
Newsletter – if you have a subscriber database, you can put together a really nice newsletter with helpful articles and offers from affiliate Advertisers, then blast it to your subscribers with a good subject line like, “Excellent Deals on travel, luggage, and more!”
Fan Page – you can definitely post the urls to articles into your fan page on Facebook and also message all your fans with a link to your Summer Deal page on your site or blog.
Niche site building – you can build a website or blog solely dedicated to Summer deals and travel tips and suggestions. Over time, if you build it larger and larger with original content, you can expect to achieve good rankings in the organic search results. Once you have the site it never goes anywhere, so make sure to build it out large with content pages over time.

These are but a few ideas of how to target your affiliate promotions around certain niches. With the Summer-time on its way, now is a great time to start partnering with Advertisers that convert well in various niches related to this season. Do you have any other suggestions you would like to express? Go ahead and leave a comment. Thanks and have a nice week!

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Evan is the CEO and Founder of Experience Advertising. He has more than 20 years experience and background with ecommerce website marketing. His skill sets include: search engine marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, conversion rate optimization, and other traffic driving and community building strategies.

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