Holiday-Themed Ecommerce Websites are the call of the day

Your website, whether you are a large ecommerce website or affiliate site, can really appear “timely” by simply adding some holiday elements to your website design. You can be more conservative by simply dressing up your logo with some snow or wreaths, or you can get more elaborate and redesign your entire homepage with a gorgeous holiday theme. Web visitors tend to feel more comfortable when your website is current and fresh. Even will dress up their logo on holidays and for events. Ecommerce retailers should definitely dress it up for the holiday shopping season. Right from Thanksgiving – Black Friday – Cyber Monday, graphics can be added or replaced that accentuate the holiday shopping season. Try not to get to “hokie” with it, too many cartoon Santas can be annoying, so I always recommend more general holiday symbols with the occasional Frosty or Santa for impact. Possibly even some animate gif graphics can liven it up for the holidays and make your site stand out from the pack. First impressions are everything and if you are able to impress the visitor enough they won’t feel like they have to look any further. Branding for the holidays is just one aspect of convincing the visitor they need to take an action on your site, but definitely important to seize the opportunity to get creative. Nothing is worse than a stagnant website! Now get out there and build the Internet!

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