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According to Google Trends, almost 139,000 people search for "Online Dating" every day. Online dating niche generates over 4 million searches per month, so it is clearly visible to us that onling dating programs would bring a lot of profit in pocket. Moreover, if you can visit any social bookmarking website, you will mostly find dating groups and friend finding groups.
Whether it is Facebook, orkut, Bebo, Friendster, MySpace or any other social bookmarking website, the first thing you will notice will be dating. Even I am sure that most of us joins these websites just because of making new friends and dating others, that’s just my point of view.

Furthermore, there are several dating websites which offers different kinds of services to their users, different user-interface, facilities of having live chat and video conversation and more which usually interacts a new visitor which will convert.
Adsense and Online Dating

  • Dating websites have a very huge click-through rate.
  • Dating websites pays a lot more than of other websites to Google and it’s publishers.
  • It is the highly paid niche in Adsense just like casino, mortgages, loans etc.
  • Average click generates $0.50 while the lowest click I have seen is $0.22.
  • Campaigns and ads of this niche really works a lot if you have a dating-based website, it will highly target your audience.

That’s just for adsense, to utilize it even more you should indulge yourself into affiliate marketing. As teenagers are very much keen into dating, this niche rather converts really well as of others do.
Join a rock-solid affiliate network such as Date.com and grab some attractive banners from there, implement on your website and watch the cash roll into your pocket.
Online dating niche and affiliate marketing have a great resemblance which will surely work, look below:

  • Dating networks pays the highest commission in all over the market.
  • Dating affiliate programs converts more easily than other niches.
  • There are several kinds of promotion materials such as banners, e-mail letters, flash banners, video banners etc.
  • Cost-Per-Lead and Cost-Per-Sale actions, both are counted so you can emphasize your income.
  • They have astonishing pre-designed templates and landing pages for use, just spin it and create a rebuilt landing page.

This industry pays over $4 per click in PPC advertising, imagine how vastly spread this category is? This is a global growth industry worth over $800 in just U.S and Canada and the wealth of this industry is more than $1 Billion per year.

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