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Take a look at these startling facts about the health insurance industry:

Health Insurance Industry Factsheet

According to Harris International Research, 160 million people will search for health insurance online this year – to add to that, the same research concludes that the online medical insurance industry is growing at a rate of almost 20% per year. The health insurance industry is worth a staggering $2,873 billion according to the Insurance Information Institute. that 15.2% of GDP expenditure in U.S. is health care related. The really exciting part of being involved with the online health insurance revolution is that over the next decade, the total spending on healthcare and medical insurance is expected to rise at a rate of greater than 10% a year according to some sources. The drivers of this include a mix of a rapidly ageing population in the western world, combined with a desperately flailing public booking and researching medical and health insurance deals online – so the healthcare system in many countries. Increasingly, millions of people are potential to website owners within this niche are startlingly exciting. You see, with the powerful website you’re about to own, you’ll be able to give your prospects the quality information they need on medical insurance – and enable them to get free health care quotes (and get paid up to $60 for it – each and every time). You’ll be able to send them to medical insurance comparison sites and enjoy handsome Adsense returns (where top bids tip toe to well over $11 per click).


What about other income streams? Take a look at the Adsense figures for this niche:

Adsense Top Bids (Per Click)

Compare Health Insurance – $11.29

Health Insurance – $10.05

Online Medical Insurance – $11.96

Medical Insurance – $9.46

Buy Medical Insurance – $10.06

Ask yourself – are you currently in a niche that offers such returns for website owners? Are you putting in work in niches where you get anything even remotely close to $60 just for a targeted visitor requesting a free quote? I doubt it!

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