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Over 1.7 million people will enroll in online degrees this year. It’s a market worth a cool $2 billion a year – here’s why you could benefit big time in this niche with nothing other than a well designed content website: “62% of chief academic officers believe that online learning is equal to or superior to classroom learning” Vault.com. What we’re seeing is a huge trend change within the further education industry – there has been a 350% growth for online education within the last five years with over $2 billion to be spent for online degrees this year alone. This trend is still resurgent with no immediate end to growth in sight – classic case of internet revolution and the reason why I’ve chosen to highlight this as one of the most incredible opportunities niche marketers will ever embrace.” Along with health, online education is the next market of the future.


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Why the sudden growth in the number of people who now want to study for their degree online? The reasons are numerous:

(1) Growth in internet speed and technology makes online learning practically indistinguishable from classroom learning. Today, computers can handle all manor of streaming audio/video which has removed the need for teachers to be physically present in the same room for classes they teach.

(2) Improved reputation of online degrees – when they first came out, many students were hesitant to start online degrees because employers had reservations about handing jobs to those who got their degrees online. Today, these reservations have been eradicated – in fact according to Vault.com 86% of employers today are happy to employ someone who earned their degree online. So, what are some of the numbers you could be looking at?

** Adsense **

Fans of Adsense income should also sit-up and take note, because here are a couple of the top Adsense bids that this industry commands, per click.

Top Adsense Bids Per Click

“Online Degree” – $14.08 Per Click

“Online Education” – $9.97 Per Click

“Online College” – $14.45 Per Click

“Online School” – $6.23 Per Click

This, along with several pay per lead opportunities that are as much as $20 per lead your website generates. Education affiliate programs are some of the best converting and paying affiliate programs.

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