Health Insurance Affiliate Program – Best CPL Insurance Associates Programs

Insurance has become quite a popular affiliate vertical over the last few years. There are few players like, InsureMe, eHealthInsurance, Hometown Quotes, and Prospect Zone. All of these companies have similar insurance affiliate programs but you have to look at the conversion rate to really know the best choice. We have found affiliate program to particularly good based on the payout per lead and the conversion rate. It converts target traffic very well and comes across with a lot of credibility to the consumer. If you are seeking the best performing insurance affiliate program they are your choice. Whether you want to promote auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance or long-term insurance, has a great converting offer page for each one. They screen each lead very well so no non-legitimate leads get through the system. All good leads are placed with health insurance brokers who then contact the consumer to offer their selection of insurance plans available in their location. Usually there are numerous options and the consumer is very pleased with the service. Both are very good and reliable tracking systems. If you are interested in making money referring real consumers to a great insurance portal, than this is the best website for your affiliation. If you have any questions about insurance associate programs or affiliate/associate programs in general please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website. Thanks…now get out there and build some content! Note: provide quotes to US-only traffic.

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