Hare-larious Easter Basket Ideas for Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate Marketers from BaronBob.com!

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Hey Affiliates and Publishers! Here is the latest affiliate program news for our client: BaronBob.com on the CJ Network! The Baron is up to his tricks again! This time, he has come up with a concoction of not-so-ordinary Easter basket ideas that your not-so-ordinary visitors will find HARE-LARIOUS! Who wants plain old jelly beans in their Easter basket when they can have pickle pops or bandages that look like underwear? Or how about a flying chicken sling shot? Now that’s an Easter basket to remember! At Baronbob.com, you will find an amazing array of funny Easter basket ideas all for under $10. Better yet, today’s newsletter includes a 15% off Baskets coupon code that you can share with all of your viewers from now UNTIL APRIL 17th. Remember, by continually adding Facebook friends, fans and Twitter followers, you can increase the exposure of your coupons and promotions to an ever increasing network of new customers. In return, your traffic will build exponentially, raising your commission rate to a higher and more profitable level!

Get 15% Off HARE-LARIOUS Easter Basket Ideas by using coupon code: Easter. This coupon is valid through April 17th.

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At Experience Advertising, we are committed to helping you increase your commissions while providing you with innovative strategies and support to strengthen your Baron Bob affiliate promotions. Please call or email me at any time if you need assistance implementing your links or banners or if you would like to discuss marketing ideas. Your success is our success!

Thank you for being a valued publisher for the BaronBob.com affiliate program!

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