Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing?

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Google Adsense and affiliate marketing both are good ways to make money online and perhaps, many of us are using both to make some huge amount of sum online. But what we all have to look is, in which field we are the most uplifted. It can be adsense or affiliate marketing or it could be both of them.

I am going to tell about both of adsense and affiliate marketing and after that, it would be much easier and comfortable for you to choose your own path.

Google Adsense

Owned by Google itself, it is one of the most highly rated PPC publishers program around the internet and it is one of the oldest programs too. To earn money, your visitor must click on the ads which is displayed by google and you will make money.
The rates may vary as you can get $0.01-$100 per click possibly, you need to work a lot hard in terms of making money online with Google Adsense. It is not a set-and-forget game as you must update your website with fresh content each and everyday and if you are really interested in adsense, then read more about it in detail:

  • Adsense is very beneficial if you have a lot of targeted visitors.
  • Using and implementing adsense is a piece of cake, even a child can do it.
  • Managing adsense is very plain and simple.
  • Your earnings will depend on clicks, so you need to have a lot of visitors and a lot of clicks each and everyday.
  • You have to update your blog/website frequently with unique and fresh content.
  • You can almost use adsense with any type of website e.g: Games, Movies, Music, Anime, Graphics etc.
  • Google will always display relevant ads which will match with your website’s content and visitors will more likely click on the ads.
  • You cannot use adsense with porn or warez related website.

Furthermore, Google is really strict in-terms of fraud. So you must be careful and never try to click on your ads daily or even occasionally as google will catch you one day sooner or later.
Now lets move on to affiliate marketing and find it’s information:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a lot more competitive than adsense but it has a  lot of money to be made. You will earn commission if you make a sale or a lead. Affiliate marketing usually works with niche-based websites so you must have a niche-based blog or a website to implement some banners.

There are so many affiliate networks and you can almost find each and every type of product you can imagine as there are almost each and every product in affiliate marketing.
Lets talk about affiliate marketing in key points:

  • Affiliate marketing is very difficult, you must work a lot.
  • Commission is huge, you can earn from $1-$40 Per Lead or $15-$500 Per Sale.
  • Affiliate marketing can be used with various methods like Bum Marketing, PPC Marketing, Social Bookmarking etc.
  • You must have an approve account in any affiliate network company, they will call you for verification purposes.
  • Weekly payments can be received by various affiliate networks.
  • There are multiple rewards in this field, if you’re able to earn $5000 / month then you can easily get a $50-$100 gift card in the particular month in which you’ve earned $5000.
  • More flexibility of banners, links, and tracking rather than of Google Adsense.

Most importantly, you can use both of the programs at the same time but in my opinion, if you are using article marketing to promote affiliate products, then do not display adsense ads as visitor will more likely click on the ad and will leave your landing page. So it’s better to use Affiliate products only.

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