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One of the best little secrets of affiliate marketing is utilizing affiliate and webmaster forums to increase the amount of inbound links to your websites. Most forums allow you to place 1-4 hyperlinks in your forum signature, so that every time you post on the forum you are gaining a possible inbound link to your site. For affiliates and webmasters this is invaluable, what could be better than free inbound links from frequently spidered and usually well-ranking websites? Pretty much nothing. For affiliate managers posting on forums it’s a great way to not only meet potential affiliates but also garner some free inbound links to your affiliate sign-up page. There are so many forums these days its hard to choose which to participate in. Some of the most popular are and Make sure to set up your signature as soon as you sign up for the forum, then go and make your first post in the Introductions area. Then you should look for topics that you know a little about and start putting in your 2 cents. Make sure to be intelligent and add something worthwhile to the conversations. Makes sure to read the forum rules and abide by them. There’s nothing that peeves forum moderators more than weak posts or self-promoting posts. If you need assistance setting up your forum signature let me know. Now go out and start posting!

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