Finding the Best Shopify Digital Advertising Agency

Finding the Best Shopify Digital Advertising Agency
Finding the Best Shopify Digital Advertising Agency

Finding the Best Shopify Digital Advertising Agency

If you’re wondering how to market your Shopify store, you’re probably either thinking of starting up a store, in the early stages of getting your Shopify store going, or looking for some new strategies to get your store noticed. Wherever you are in the process, there’s one thing that may be one of the most important parts of your store’s future success: how you start marketing your Shopify store

The ultra-popular e-commerce platform Shopify is used by more than 1.7 million businesses globally. It’s changed the game for small sellers, allowing them to reach large audiences anywhere in the world and bring products to customers. But selecting your products and curating the look of your store isn’t all that goes into creating a top-performing Shopify store. How and where you will reach your future customers should be planned, managed, and updated like the rest of your store is. That’s what the best Shopify Marketing Agency can do for you. 

What Does Marketing Your Shopify Store Do? 

Whether you’re a new shop owner or a veteran of the business world, you’ve heard about advertising. You’ve heard – or maybe seen firsthand – how worthwhile it can be. But how exactly does it apply to your store on Shopify? If you’re already on Shopify, do you need to bring in an outside marketing team? 

How you market your store will depend on your goals and needs, and your budget. There are definite benefits to boosting your store’s advertising by bringing in an expert online marketing agency. A presence on Shopify is one thing, but effectively advertising your Shopify store can promote and increase:


Syncing up with your desired audience is the goal. This means finding your ideal customer base and attracting them. It means letting them know you have what they’re looking for. An e-commerce marketing agency can help you identify your target audience by specific criteria, expand your reach to new and similar consumer groups, and facilitate real connection between shoppers and your store. 


Shopping today is an interactive, 24/7 experience. And a good level of engagement with current and future customers is proven to increase shopper satisfaction and customer loyalty. Online marketing professionals can help you get those browsing your store engaged and coming back again. 


Let’s go back to the stat we talked about at the beginning of this article: Shopify is used by over 1.7 million businesses. That’s a poignant indicator of how powerful a platform Shopify has become for selling products online. But it also means that it’s competitive out there. You want your business to stand out, to be noticed. That’s a job for visibility through marketing. More visibility, in turn, can generate more engagement and create even more connections – a triple win. A Shopify marketing agency can help your store stand out from the pack.  

Where Should You Promote Your Shopify Store? 

Use social media

And that means really making good use of it. Put these popular platforms to work for you. Marketing your Shopify store can be done on some of the most used social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. On these sites you can place: 

  • New and unique brand content
  • Ads, in various formats
  • Promotions, Giveaways and Contest info
  • Referrals and real-life testimonials
  • Influencer content

and more to get your Shopify store seen by more people. A Shopify Marketing agency can create and manage your social media content, making sure posts are primed for maximum effect and keeping engagement levels growing.

Leverage your contact/lead/email lists

Good old-fashioned email shouldn’t be overlooked. A Shopify advertising management agency can help you turn your leads and contacts into new customers. Reaching out to interested folks through email can be a very effective way to get new shoppers to your store. 

Get affiliates onboard

Using affiliate marketing is a popular strategy for online retailers. And for good reason. Affiliates can be a great link between a seller and a customer. By giving their input on a product and talking about their experience with it, an affiliate can be a trusted source to a curious shopper. Creating an affiliate program can be a cost-effective way to market a store of any size. A qualified online marketing manager will have experience with managing affiliates and creating affiliate campaigns as a part of a wider marketing strategy. 

Don’t forget your website

Your website should be in top form too. Here is where you can put several more online marketing strategies to use in order to benefit your Shopify store, including: 

SEO – Search Engine Optimization can let more people find you through Google and other search engines. The content on your homepage and throughout your website (text and videos) can be tailored to be more search engine friendly. 

Blog posts – Here’s a great space to add more SEO content and add lots of informative content for inquiring people to come across. Providing information or a valuable insight to a potential customer can help you establish your store and encourage consumer confidence.  

Testimonials/Reviews – Most people read reviews of products. Even if they’re only maybe, possibly, one day thinking about buying something, they’ll likely check out a few testimonials or watch a review video. And the fact is, positive reviews and customer testimonials can make a difference in whether a shopper leaves an item in their cart or goes all the way to checkout.

Performance Optimization – Just like you want to inspire shoppers to feel secure about deciding to buy a product, you don’t want to deflate that consumer confidence with a poorly-running, outdated, or plain hard-to-use website. Website Optimization makes sure your site is up to speed, easy to use on all types of devices, and a great first impression on anyone who visits it. 

Find the Best Shopify Digital Marketing Agency

You want your Shopify store to be the best out there, so work with the best Shopify digital marketing agency. At Experience Advertising, we use cutting-edge marketing strategies and traditional advertising techniques to help stores and businesses of all types grow. Specialized marketing content and customized advertising campaigns are what we do. Contact us today about your Shopify store or to set up a Shopify marketing consultation. 

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