Excellent New Coupon Promotions from iHome for CJ Publishers!

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Hey Affiliates and Publishers! Here is the latest Affiliate Program News for our client: iHomeAudio.com! We have some excellent new deals to promote from iHomeAudio.com that are sure to make your visitors, subscribers, followers, and fans excited!

Everything you could possibly need to accessorize and customize your new iPad, iPhone or iPod is available from iHomeAudio. Wireless speakers for your iPhone, iPad & iPhone speaker sets, chargers, headphones and much more!

Check out the latest coupons from iHomeAudio!
Deal Expires Feb. 29th:
Get 15% Off on select items: iA100; iA90; iA91; iP16; iP21; iP40; iP42; iP49; iP16 by using Coupon Code: AFPRES

Expire April 1st, 2012):
Get 25% Off on Alarm Clock FM Radio Stereo Speaker System with Motorized Rotating Dock by using Coupon Code: AFPA63.

Get $20 Off on iPad Case with Built-in Rechargeable Stereo Speakers by using Coupon Code: AFPDM69.

Get $10 Off on Rechargeable Mini Speakers at iHomeAudio.com by using Coupon Code: AFPHM78.

Get $30 Off on Award Winning Studio Series Audio System for iPhone/iPod from iHomeAudio.com by using Coupon Code: AFP3.

Get $20 Off on Portable Speaker System for iPhone/iPod in fashionable colors by using Coupon Code: AFP37

If you have any questions or need help implementing any of the coupons or banners to effectively promote the iHome Audio affiliate program, please reach out to us by phone or email, we would love to hear from you!

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Thanks and have a great week!

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