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Affiliate vs. Super-Affiliate

By Su Pang / 1:15 pm

Whether you are an affiliate program manager, the head of sales or marketing, own the company, or are just part of the broader sales or marketing team, it is likely that you are constantly looking for new affiliates to join your affiliate program. However, what you may not know is that there are not only…

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PPE Affiliate Program on CJ

Experience Advertising has Taken Over Affiliate Program Management for WellBefore.com on CJ Affiliate

By CEO and Founder / 11:07 am

Exciting News! We have taken over management of the WellBefore.com Affiliate Program on the CJ.com affiliate network, the largest affiliate network in the U.S. This is a GREAT performing affiliate program for affiliates and publishers. WellBefore.com is an online leader in the medical supplies industry and has spent a ton of time/resources making their website a great…

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How Publishers and Influencers Can Increase Your Conversions This Holiday Season

By Su Pang / 3:50 pm

The holiday season can be challenging when it comes to getting all your ducks in a row for promotions, merchandising, and all other ad campaign launches. That is why working with publishers and influencers can be an essential marketing strategy – especially when it comes to increasing your conversions during the holiday season. Executing well…

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Affiliate Programs

Find and Recruit Web Publishers to Monetize Your Online Ad Campaigns

By Su Pang / 4:12 pm

Where are the publishers you’re looking for? If you want to start an affiliate campaign, work with influencers, and try some highly effective ways of advertising to a new audience, content creators and online publishers are who you need to link up with. Monetizing online ad campaigns has become more strategic and multi-faceted with the…

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Find and Recruit Web Publishers to Your Affiliate Program on ShareASale

By Su Pang / 4:30 pm

As an affiliate program manager, it is your responsibility to find and recruit new web publishers to the affiliate program that you manage. Recruiting new web publishers is one of the best ways to help companies expand their customer reach. Affiliate web publishers can be extraordinarily effective at promoting partner products and boosting sales and…

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How To Grow Your Affiliate Program with Affiliate Networks

By Su Pang / 3:40 pm

If you are an affiliate manager looking to grow your affiliate program, one of the most effective marketing strategies for achieving your goal is utilizing the best affiliate networks. Growing the affiliate program you manage is crucial if your mission is to maximize brand awareness, targeted leads, and sales for your companies. However, the hard…

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Find Web Publishers TODAY To Promote Handbags & Shoes Online?

By Su Pang / 2:45 pm

Would you walk a hundred miles to find publishers to promote your handbags and shoes online? Well, stop walking and just visit PublisherFinders.com! We have you covered in many ways when you subscribe to the best-ever source for quality web publishers to promote your handbags and shoes online. Not to mention that Publisher Finders is…

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How To Find & Attract the Best Affiliate Web Publishers and Influencers To Promote Your Electronics Website

By Su Pang / 1:46 pm

Attracting the best affiliate web publishers and influencers to promote your electronics website has never been easier when putting Publisher Finders’ database and search tool to use. Thanks to all we offer, you’ll be attracting affiliates to your program with a magnetic force. Designed to help affiliate managers and influencer managers find affiliate marketers, publishers,…

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5 Ways Content Creators Can Drive Traffic and Sales for Your DTC Fashion Brand

By Su Pang / 2:18 pm

Is it your dream to have the best fashion, clothing and accessories website? Do you often wonder what the best means are to “purse-shoe” that dream? The solution is here! Publisher Finders has everything that you will need to maximize your ad campaigns and affiliate traffic and sales. The last 15 years have been spent…

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Here’s Where To Find and Recruit Affiliates To Promote Office Supplies

By Su Pang / 11:30 am

So, you’re looking to find and recruit affiliates to promote office supplies but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, PublisherFinders, the leading source of affiliate web publishers and content creators, has got you covered! Whether you are the company owner, affiliate program manager, or part of the general marketing team, we know it can…

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