Do Affiliates Need to Use Web Analytics or Webstats?

Web analytics are basically the behind the scenes happenings of your website. Webstats will tell you how many visitors you are receiving, where they are coming from, how long they stay on your site, which pages they visit frequently, and which pages they leave your site from. These are just a few insights your web analytics will provide you. Google has recently come out with a very robust analytics programs as part of their Google Adwords interface. It’s quite good in a number of ways most notably the cost is free. Google Analytic will tell you pretty much everything you could want to know about your site’s web traffic and can even measure ROI on you Google Adwords campaign. Website stats programs usually confirm what your intuition has told you about your site, just in a tremendous amount of valuable detail. Using webstats is an absolute must for any serious website owner or affiliate. It will allow you to really analyze your website and make intelligent, informed decisions about usability and “look and feel”. Analytics are invaluable to improving your conversion rate, whether you are selling directly or preselling a service or product. If you click-through rate is too low you won’t make much money. Your energies should be spent on figuring out how to make your website sell better. I recommend going to forums like: and You can actually ask the communities/forums for feedback on your site and you usually get some pretty good responses. To summarize, website analytics, such as Google Analytic, is simply a necessity for website owners, affiliates and blog owners. Using stats reports wisely can increase your traffic and make you more money…now go out and get your web analytics set-up!

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