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If you are a savvy online shopper looking to buy a Dell laptop, you will do your research by going to Google and searching for “Dell Laptop Coupon or Dell Laptop Deal.” By doing this, you are ensured that if Dell has a coupon code to save money you will find thousands of sites with it listed. How is this possible? These are all coupon affiliate sites that have managed to acheive high rankings for Dell laptop coupon. If you own a coupon site you can post deals from thousands of merchants via the major affiliate networks: CJ and Linkshare. Coupon sites are some of the best affiliates to have from a merchant perspective because they constantly work on their sites by adding offers and new sections which encourages the search engine spiders to come back frequently checking for new content. As a merchant all you really need the coupon site owner to do is post a page about your company or products. Really savvy affiliates will post multiple pages dedicated to a particular merchant or product line with the intention of garnering more rankings from their site and thereby more traffic. Merchants have made is easy by providing coupon feeds with all their latest specials. The affiliate can pull the coupon feed content from the source, parse it and integrate it into their site. If you want to learn more about coupon affiliate sites let me know. Please check out this superb example of an affiliate coupon site.

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