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It’s hard to believe, but October has arrived, ushering in the fall season and all of its fabulous festivities! It’s the harvest season which means lots of tasty temptations that could threaten any healthy eating plan. During the holidays, diet coaching can be a critical component in staying motivated and on track with healthful, mindful eating.


Help your viewers avoid temptation during the holiday season with help from Dukan’s Personalized Online Diet Coaching. Promote 25% OFF online coaching from Dukan Diet NOW – NOVEMBER 1st and 10% OFF any purchase at ShopDukanDiet.com.




October Special – Get 10% OFF on Entire order (excluding S&H) at ShopDukanDiet.com by using Coupon Code: J13CJ10.
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October 25% Off Special from DukanDiet.com! Get 25% OFF on Dukan Diet Personalized Online Coaching by using Coupon Code: K13CJ25.
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