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With graduation season upon us your visitors may be interested in checking out Lauren Lyons Cole who recently appeared on Fox & Friends (National) discussing tips for graduating students with loans. That clip can be downloaded here and shared on your websites and blogs. Lauren also appeared on local Fox WNYW (New York, NY) last night discussing how to set up an emergency fund. Below is some additional press coverage you may be interested in sharing with your friends and visitors:


· Chris Ciaccia was interviewed by WTOP (Washington, D.C.) about Apple’s purchase of Beats.

· The Deal was sourced for a graphic that USA Today (National) created about Apple’s past acquisitions. The graphic is at the bottom of the article online at: http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2014/05/28/apple-beats-3-billion-deal/9673679/

· RateWatch’s survey about home loans was picked up by the Hartford Business Journal:http://www.hartfordbusiness.com/article/20140529/NEWS01/140529910

· Ross Urken did several radio interviews about MainStreet stories with outlets including WTMJ-AM (Milwaukee, WI), Financial Survival Network (National), and Issues & Ideas Radio (Syndicated).

· Joe Deaux did several interviews on his summer gas prices story with outlets including WNPV (Philadelphia, PA) and Financial Survival Network (National).

· Jonathan Marino was interviewed by KDOW (San Francisco, CA) about his story on Olive Garden.
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